5.00 (1 review)
428 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446, United States
428 Harvard Street Brookline Massachusetts 02446 US

The Butcherie may not be perfect, may not have every item, but it is without question a true treasure for the Brookline Jewish community. Josh Gellerman is a true mensch and makes sure his customers are happy and find what they need.
First off the fresh deli is delicious. I highly recommend the knish! The store is larger than it…
The Butcherie is my favorite store in the boston area. This "little" store has so many great things to offer that you can't find anywhere else, including great prepared foods, handcut lox, deli, and the best kosher meat I've ever had. The store is much cleaner than when I started shopping here years ago, and the customer attention is better than any supermarket I've shopped at, they really take care of you…
thank you butcherie!!

Being a born-and-bred Brooklynite, and a Yankees fan, anything pertaining to Boston automatically carries a negative connotation to me. However, life has had an interesting way of bringing me into Boston at two occasions in my life, and both times in Boston, I had the opportunity to not only stop in here, but also to peruse all of the offerings at The Butcherie.

While we have dozens of kosher stores in Brooklyn, where one can find everything from parve cheese doodles, to cholov yisroel cappuccino beverages, kosher Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, to glatt kosher kibbeh and vegan dim sum, acheinu bnei yisrael living in New England lack these options. The Butcherie is their lifeline to Jewish observance, as it is the only kosher market in the region, and its selection and quality impress even this jaded New Yorker; deli, wines, cheeses, frozen foods, plenty of Israeli imports, and many other kosher specialties.

I find that the Butcherie's prepared foods are excellent and the quality is superb and prices not outrageous for an out-of-town establishment. My one and only complaint is that their hours are not friendly to tourists or night owls, but that seems to be a trend in Boston, regardless (the city is dead at 9 pm, whereas NYC is bustling 24/7).
I have had the opportunity to sample several of their specialties, including the New England favorite, American Chop Suey; this concoction of chopped meat, tomatoes, and elbow macaroni bears no resemblance to the Chinese original, but the Butcherie's version, I'm sure, presents this dish in its fullest simplicity and allows us kosher keepers to sample regional offerings we wouldn't otherwise have access to.
The parve cheese noodle kugel reminds me of my own version of this dish (one can tell that they've used quality parve sour cream, cream cheese, and margarine in making this dish as close to its dairy counterpart as possible), the chunky chicken soup is as heimish as can be (although it requires salt), and the knishes are all scrumptious, with a flaky dough; the beef knishes (both American and Jerusalem) and the spinach and cheese knish are excellent (At separate meals, of course!) and they rival many of the knishes we have in Brooklyn.
Likewise, their parve cheese blintzes are excellent, and the other prepared foods available are mind-boggling. The variety of prepared foods is astounding, and I've sampled the following: Parve tofu balls taste very close to their fleshig cousins, the beef pot pie is a true mechaye, treat, and the veal cutlets and patties are to die for.
Their Passover menu looks absolutely impressive, and perhaps a day trip to Boston may be in order before Pesach to sample these offerings, including chicken pot pie, chicken cacciatore, kreplach, couscous, veal patties, and other delights none of the Pesach stores in Brooklyn carry.

I went to this store looking for Sesame seed Halva, and I am glad I came here. It's not the best Halva I have had, but it's still comparable. The best one I had was in a Turkish bakery in Atlanta and even they no longer make it.

The thing I like the most is they make it fresh and in different flavors. Chocolate, Vanilla, Marble and with nuts. What more can you want! If you are a Halva fan and have a craving definitely give it a shot, am sure you are going to love it. I even shipped some Halva to my fiance in Canada. He still loved it and found it fresh :)

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    The Butcherie is a smallish-medium Israeli food store with a good selection of meat, shelf stable food, condiments, and candy. What's good is their nice prepared foods section near the back which has a really good assortment of stuff like knishes and rugallah. What I really enjoy is their fresh stuffed grape leaves which are delicious and cheaper than the canned stuff I have found everywhere else. With that said, please do not buy all the stuffed grape leaves and leave some for me!
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    The new home of Myers Boston knishes! If you remember the small Boston-style oblong yellow meat knishes previously made by Myers Kosher Kitchen and sold all over the Boston area, and have missed them since they went out of business, then take a trip to The Butcherie. They purchased the original Myers recipe, and are now producing them. They taste EXACTLY like they used to! I grew up eating these and used to get them from our local grocery store. I thought that wonderful taste had disappeared forever. If you haven't had them, they are delicious!
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    The Butcherie's offerings are the apotheosis: small, flavorful, savory, perfectly proportioned. NY's commercially made knishes are, by comparison, a grotesque joke. I feel terrible that tourists think they exemplify Jewish food. I moved away decades ago, but I still make an annual pilgrimage to the Butcherie to buy as many packages of their mini knishes as my cooler will hold. They are in the cold case of (mostly heavy but delicious) prepared foods near the back counter, a huge variety, some more successful than others. I'd say the traditional beef are the best, the more experimental vegetable varieties an acquired taste. Oh, right, the Butcherie sells other things. Israeli candy is an especially strong suit, including the elusive "Popping Chocolate" that Elite almost never exports. Lots of Israeli and domestic canned and packaged goods, all of them kosher, obviously. There's a small wine section, so poorly placed that I wonder if anyone has ever succeeded in buying anything from it. Good but expensive meat and poultry. Baked goods are ok. Yes, coming here the week before Passover is a nightmare, although frankly not much different from your average Sunday afternoon. But the Butcherie transcends its tightly packed, style-free interior with knish perfection, plus the occasional, unexpected sweetness of its dour-looking Russian cashiers.
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