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374 Boylston St, Brookline, MA 02445, United States
374 Massachusetts 9 Brookline Massachusetts 02445 US

ChikChak Food Truck takes authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, and brings it right into your neighborhood. We’ve got the same Kosher menu you’ve come to love, but with double – no, triple – the convenience.
We’ve scouted some of the best locations in the city to set up shop, and you can track our progress online through your smartphone, computer, or other device. But it gets even easier to dig in: ChikChak Food Truck offers catering for events of any size. You’ll never be without your falafel fix again.
Follow along on social media as we post location updates, action shots, and tales from the mean streets of Boston. We’re on a noble mission to spread ChikChak across the city – won’t you join us?

I was hesitant to try Rami's because of the other Yelp reviews, but my brother and I gave them a shot today.
Let me just say, the kebabs and falafel are mind blowing. So, so, so good! It's as good as any falafel that we've had in Israel, if not better. The kebabs are moist and flavorful.
We ordered Rami's special, so we got a sampling of falafel, kebabs, shawarma, humus, pita and Israeli salad. The pita was hot and fresh, the humus was delicious and the shawarma was well seasoned. We also tried the Moroccan cigars which had a crisp exterior and moist, spicy beef filling. I could probably eat those three times a day. The salad provided a nice cool balance to the mix.
After ordering and eating our meal, we went back to try the baklava and were not disappointed!
The line was long, which should be expected with a good food truck. It seemed pretty clear that everybody knew where to find the best food. The wait after ordering was average. If you're planning to just pop over and grab something quick to go, it's not going to work out for you. It was probably about 20 min. from the time we got in line to when we had our food handed to us.
The prices were reasonable. This isn't McDonalds, it's authentic Israeli cuisine. Expect to pay a little more, but expect to get your money's worth. Anybody who's eaten at a kosher restaurant knows that Rami's pricing is very reasonable.
If you go to the Powder House Square location, there's plenty of space to lay out a picnic blanket or sit on park benches.
Overall it was a great food experience. If we're ever in Boston again, I know that we'll be visiting Rami's.

Enjoyed a variety of items from this food truck at the SoWa Food Truck Court. Shawarma in a pita, Moroccan cigars, and falafel balls with hummus. All were delicious and well made. Reminded me of the cuisine from my recent trip to Israel. Everyone should definitely try and track down this food truck wherever it may be in greater Boston!

Just had these guys at a Fooda popup on 150 CPD in Cambridge, finally as the city is giving them a hard time with their truck. Food is delicious, highly recommend it!

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    I wanted a light lunch, saw the long line, and decided to give it a shot. I got hummus and salad in a pita, and it hit the spot. The humus was great, but it could have used more. I got my order before some of the people ahead of me in line, so the wait wasn't too bad. All in all, I had a good experience and would try it again.
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    I like the chicken swarma at ramis. The chicken tastes fresh and is warm. Also the bread, veggies, hummus were really good. I have eaten here a few times this summer for lunch and will continue to visit this truck. it is hard to find good middle eastern food in Boston and this truck is better than other places I have tried so far.
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    Solid food, was the first person in line when they opened the truck at Clarendon St. I particularly loved the warm bread you get with the meal, so airy, warm, yum! Also, the Rami's guys gave a plate of food to a homeless lady while I was waiting for my food, thumbs up to you guys!
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