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24 E 21st St, New York, NY 10010, ארצות הברית
24 East 21st Street New York New York 10010 US

It is not often they can make a fillet mignon skewer cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was juicy, tasted fresh and everything on the plate tasted great. We did the lunch special, 2 apps, one entree for $27. It was worth it, they give you a lot of food! Delicious food, really classy ambiance and service was great. I am definitely coming back to try more things on the menu!
Many people do not get middle eastern correct. It's either too much quantity but not enough flavor or good flavor but not enough quantity, This place got it down! Left a happy man!

I came here on a Sunday and it was very quiet, so the dishes came out quickly.
Hummus with Cauliflower: it's delicious with the fried cauliflower. I like the creamy hummus mixed with the crunchy cauliflower.
Moutabbal Almayass: mashed beetroot, fresh lemon, sesame paste, garlic. It's very citrusy, the lemon juice seems to overpower the sweetness of the beetroot.
Spicy Potatoes: fried potato cubes, fresh garlic, cilantro. The potatoes had a nice flavor from the fried garlic.
Garlic Paste: it's has the texture of a buttery garlic puree. It's quite sour, like it has a lot of lemon juice in it.
I enjoyed the hummus and the potatoes contrasting to the tangy flavors of the moutabbal and the garlic paste. The dining room is beautiful, it has a classic decor and ambiance.

Pardon my ignorance, but the name sounds like where I end up after slipping on black ice. Arrived at this Lebanese spot to pick up their excellent Moutabbal Almayass $10.00 (Mashed beetroot, fresh lemon, sesame paste, garlic.) with just enough pita for the dip. Shame they didn't think the bright pink beet spread warranted napkins.

This is probably going to be one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants in the city. I came here tonight (Friday night) and we had a reservation. It wasn't too busy but there were a good amount of people in the restaurant. It is a pretty high class fancy place. Dishes range from $24-$40 and the appetizers go from $6-20.
We had the hummus amalayass which was delicious. They gave us pita bread both soft and hard and it was an amazing mix with the hummus.
For the entree, we had the chicken toufta, sweet and sour, and the filet mignon cubed.
The chicken toufta was great, the sweet and sour had I believe cranberries or raisin of some sort that blended in very well with the meat. I have got to say my favorite was the filet mignon. There was a spicy kick to it.
The owner of the restaurant came to us at the end and asked us how we thought the meal was. I liked that he came to us because it showed that our input is valuable to him. Everything there was amazing and I would definitely come back again.

Arguably one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in NYC, Almayass is a popular place with world-class food, good service and terrific ambiance. We've eaten there several times usually sharing a combination of mezzes and grilled dishes all of which are delightful, tasty and fresh. The food is well seasoned and delicious. The service is smart and well paced but not too intrusive. When we had to wait 20 minutes for our table, they comped us drinks and fell all over themselves in apology; the polar opposite of many trendy NYC restos. At the end of the meal the maitre d' came over seeking feedback and thanking us for our patronage. Almayass is becoming our go-to Mediterranean place!

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    Can we just stop for a second and appreciate that there's finally a place in Manhattan that makes amazing Mediterranean food? I'm an LA native, but I can't stop talking about my experience at Almayass. This was a find through a family friend, and I'm so glad I decided to give it a try. For those not super familiar with the Mediterranean style, it starts off with appetizers and then, when you're super full, they bring you the main course :P I had sooo many great things on the menu, but some of my highlights were: – The Hummus: sounds simple, but making good hummus is no easy task, and this place nails it. – The quail eggs with soujouk or basturma: imagine something like a bruschetta, but sooo much better because there's egg and delicious cured meats involved. – Fattoush Salad: the perfectly semi-sour salad was just the right amount of crunch #lovedit – Garlic Potatoes: If I had one last meal, these would be included … such a great garlic flavor and crispy potatoes! – Mixed Grill: All of their grilled meats were amazing. Perfectly marinated and cooked. Aside from the food, the drinks were also pretty amazing. They have a list of specialty cocktails (the noor is a standout) – but ask for an old fashioned and you won't be disappointed (one of the best I've had to date). Add the amazing food to great service and ambiance, and you have a can't beat experience in NYC. This place is always at the top of my recommendations when referring friends to restaurants in the city.
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