5.00 (1 review)
324 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446, United States
324 Harvard Street Brookline Massachusetts 02446 US

Rami & Mirav Cohen Owners

Rami and Mirav Cohen moved to Boston from Jerusalem to start a new life. Soon after arriving, they missed the taste of home as there was no authentic falafel available in the Boston area. Rami, being a third generation “Falafel-teer” realized that if he wanted a real Falafel he would have to make it himself, so he opened Rami’s in May of 1991 with his wife, Mirav. Being old-fashioned and traditional, Rami has kept his restaurant consistently producing the freshest food around, as everything is home-made on a daily basis.

Haim Cohen Manager

The son of Rami and Mirav, Haim is a fourth generation “Falafel-teer.” Haim has been managing Rami’s since 2004. He enjoys keeping consistent with the old school traditions that have made the establishment famous for over twenty years. Keeping up with the current demands of consumers, Haim has added corporate catering, online ordering, (links?) and new menu items. Haim speaks Hebrew & English.

Outside of the massive population centers which can support a wealth of highly-targeted ethnic eateries, the best kosher restaurants are the ones which transcend or outright obscure their religious peculiarities and sell themselves to the general public simply as quality eateries.
Tiny Rami's has mastered this dance and stood the test of time, seeing neighboring kosher eateries come and go, and surviving despite constant threat from nearby non-kosher shawarma "kings" and other, lesser vassals of falafeldom.
During a busy lunch hour, they run the cramped shop with exacting precision. ("We're here to work; we're not here to play!" I once overheard being said to a dawdling customer, to my impatient delight.) At calmer moments, they're happy to offer tastes and shoot the breeze.
Their shawarma is expertly cooked so the meat chunks remain juicy but slightly crisp at the edges, stuffed into the softest pita this side of Jerusalem, covered with freshly chopped veggies, and slathered with sauces — ranging from hot, green s'chug, to smooth, garlicky hummus, to sesame-laden techina, to the mysteriously spicy orange amba.
Kosher or not, you'll find that the thrill of delicious shawarma grease dripping down your arm as you try to tame your burgeoning sandwich is a spiritual experience.

All in the crunch of the falafel, creamy and incomparable hummus, and pillowy pita bread. Coolidge Corner's Rami's serves just this including other Middle Eastern staples like baba ghanoush (eggplant spread), kabob, and shawarma.
Falafel is smaller than some and usually made to order. Warm and fresh. The hummus and baba ghanoush, with a light pour of olive oil, are the perfect compliments to these hearty and crisp delights. Get a little hot sauce to dollop and mix.

אוכל מהיר וטוב

Went here with a friend to grab a bite to eat for lunch on a Sunday. When we arrived around 1:30pm, it was quite crowded, but we were able to snag a seat at one of the 5 tables in the restaurant.
I wasn't crazy hungry, so I opted to order the chicken and hummus pita. I got all the fixins except for tomato and sat down to eat.
The pita sandwich itself is quite tasty–all the ingredients have great flavor and really pair well together. It was also a good enough size for me, considering I wasn't starving.
Overall, the food is prepared quickly here, and is quite good. My main issue with this place is that the pita cost about $12 and was smallish in my opinion, even for a lunch portion

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    I highly recommend getting the potato cigars (with tahini dipping sauce) and the falafel sandwich/ platter. If you want some meat in your appetizer, the beef cigars are great, too, and a bit spicy.Elsewhere on the menu, the turkey shawarma is just okay. The turkey meat has been tough and a bit gristly the time or two I had it. I can't particularly recommend it.So for me, vegetarian options are the best bet, and always delicious. The meat options, although I'd love to try more of, have been hit or miss for me. Still, I like the appetizers and the falafel so much, I will safely give this place four stars.
  • ספרים למנויים
    I'm still out of the know as to why it's considered "acceptable" in the falafel industry to "run out of" shwarma, especially when multiple customers are requesting it. Other then that, they did make a felafel pita "sandwich" that I was able to enjoy. They also have that delicious Israeli strawberry banana (תות בננה) nectar stuff in a can!
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